Principal's Message

January 2012, saw the launch of John Tonkin College; a school that will provide outstanding opportunities for secondary students in Mandurah and the broader Peel region.

John Tonkin College John Tonkin College is named after one of Australia's longest serving politicians, the late Honourable John Tonkin. The late Honourable John Tonkin was a Teacher, Education Minister, Deputy Premier and then Premier of Western Australia.

He valued fair play, hard work, tolerance, patience and believed in correct and proper teaching that developed good relationships with students. Our college is privileged to be named in honour of such a successful leader and partners with the Tonkin family to ensure our college upholds the values of the late Honourable John Tonkin.

A learning culture of high expectations for every student to achieve excellence in their pursuits is embedded through highly committed and professional staff, resulting in self reliant, motivated, well rounded, inquiring individuals with a strong sense of self identity and purpose. The college provides students access to facilities and resources that are unique in the Peel region. Therefore, providing, the students at John Tonkin College unique learning experiences.

Finally, John Tonkin College will develop a culture where college community members will value and promote a commitment to excellence. Our college feels the partnership between school and home are vital. John Tonkin College, fosters strong, positive relationships with parents and the wider school community. We are partners in each student's journey to personal excellence as she/he prepares to take their place as a confident, compassionate young person who will make a difference wherever they choose to live and work.

Kim Savins