Student Development & Support Services

Student Services staff aim to enhance the student ability to achieve the best academic outcomes possible through social, emotional, and academic support of each individual student on a needs basis, as determined by the student, parent and or college staff.

Team Members and their roles:

Manager: Key roles include SAER intervention affecting student status, Advocacy, transition of students and their enrolment, the implications for WACE, graduation, scholarships, social events, career development, and further education advice for students and to provide extra curricular activities to enhance the social development of students.

Dean of Studies: Key role is to monitor student enrolment, their course changes and its effects on the outcome of WACE and further education. Liaise with staff and parents to assist students to attain the best educational outcomes.

Nurse: Key roles include medical assistance and information, counselling, education programs and teachers support and policy development for community health.

Psychologist: Key roles include counselling and psychological support, and the delivery of programs for community health.

Aboriginal Educational Officer: Assist Aboriginal and Islander students towards secondary Graduation, ASSPA, assist teachers, organise college activities.

Community Service Officer: Provides opportunities for students to access programs for personal development and community awareness and gain community service hours towards Advanced standing status.

Attendance Officer To monitor and follow up students who are not engaged in their classes, to gather information to support students in their academic endeavour.