Student Leadership Team

The student leadership structure at John Tonkin College is one team of representative students from each year group (8 - 12) operating across the two sites of the college.

John Tonkin College The senior members of the leadership team (year 10, 11 and 12 students) is based at the MET Campus of John Tonkin College, while the year 8 and 9 student members is based at the Tindale Campus.

A co-ordinator is appointed to work with student leaders on each site, and facilitates the whole team meeting and working together to achieve planned targets and goals.


  • Represent the ideas, opinions and goals of the student body in College planning and development processes.
  • Lead College events and activities including sports carnivals, assemblies, social events, lunchtime activities, and to assist with parents' evenings, and rewards excursions.
  • Establish a student pastoral support network - mentoring of primary students, peer support, peer tutoring (older students for younger ones), and key roles in operating the house system.
  • Establish and develop community links for John Tonkin College through community service. Civic activities might include Miles of Smiles for PMH, Relay for Life, Canteen bandanna day, Breast Cancer awareness day, Red Nose day, Clean up Australia day, Jeans for Genes day, Footy colours day, Remembrance Day, Red Cross Blood drives, Harmony Day etc
  • Represent the College at community events and ceremonies (Graduation, Awards nights, Anzac Day)
  • Develop personal leadership skills through College-based leadership development programs and formal training, including VET and Endorsed Programs for senior students. Activities are focussed on leadership, teambuilding and service, including a leadership camp.
  • Promote youth and the College in a positive light within the Mandurah community.


  • Year 11 and 12 student members may be appointed to specific leadership roles within the team. Examples might include Head Boy/Girl, Cultural Captains, Sporting Captains, or Social Captains.
  • Year 8, 9 and 10 students will develop their leadership skills and experiences through a structured program with a clear leadership focus in each year.
  • Year 8 will focus on social development - self concept and self esteem.
  • Year 9 will include peer support/tutor training, with a focus on communication and community service activities. Students will work closely with other year groups, particularly on designated community service projects.
  • Year 10 will include formal qualifications in leadership (VET). Certificate 1 will be completed during the year, with an opportunity to continue on to higher certificates in year 11 & 12 if desired. Students will work closely with other groups, specifically in the context of mentorship of other students.
  • This developmental program will enable students to gradually develop their leadership abilities over time, such that they build confidence as they progress.

Selection Process

Students may nominate or be nominated for the Student Leadership Team through a written application. The application must outline how the nominee would contribute to and enhance the College through a leadership role. Examples of their ability to 'add value' might include but are not restricted to achievements in sports, cultural activities, service activities and academic achievement.

Year 8, 9 and 10:

Applications will be assessed by a panel comprised of either the Principal or Associate Principal, a teaching staff member, a parent representative and a non-teaching staff member.

Year 11 and 12:

Nominees would be interviewed to discuss their application. An election process, by preferential vote, may follow to appoint the year 11 and 12 Leadership Team. Students may have an advertised profile, which includes their ideals and photo, displayed so the cohort may gain some knowledge of candidates before they vote.

In order to be eligible to nominate, students must hold "Good Standing" status, demonstrate satisfactory attendance (90%+), and have no negative behaviour records.

Should a member of the Student Leadership Team lose good standing due to attendance or behaviour issues, the College reserves the right to withdraw them from the team at the Principal's discretion, and to appoint a suitable replacement.

Appointments to the Student Leadership Team are for a one year term. All positions will be vacated for nomination each year.

Enquiries about the Student Leadership Team should be directed to the Associate Principal on each site.