How to search the Catalogue

Library Searching Keyword

The Keyword search allows you to search for a word or words in a title, subject and author.

A Keyword search can also be used if other searches have not located the information you require.

  • Enclose phrases in quotation marks or they will be searched as separate words joined together with "and". Phrase searches will find records that contain all the words you typed, in the same order.

    "world wide web"
    "domestic violence"

The Author search allows you to search for a specific author, editor, or organisation. Use an Author search to find works by individual authors, editors, compilers etc. or corporate bodies such as government departments and institutions. To find works about an author or corporate body, use a Subject or Keyword search.


The Title search allows you to search for a specific title of a book, journal, video or other work. Use the Title search when you know the exact title or the first few words in the title of a work. If you know some words but not the exact title or order of words, use a Keyword search.


The Subject search allows you to search for items about topics, authors, individuals and organisations. If you are unsure of the exact heading or the order of words, search for relevant materials using a title, author or keyword search. Then cut and paste a subject heading from one of the items in the search results into a subject heading search.