Frequently Asked Questions

ID Card

What is my JTC ID card and how do I use it?
  • Your ID card is a dual purpose card - it is used to identify you as a JTC student and also can be used as a SmartRider card
  • As an ID card for JTC, it has a) your student Curriculum Council Number, b) a barcode used for borrowing resources from the Library and c) a smart chip that holds and adds credit for printing and photocopying
  • As a SmartRider card, it uses the chip to hold and add credit for travelling by TransPerth buses and trains.  For full-time students of 17 and under a first time addition of $10 ensures that trips between February and end of school year in December are charged at 60 cents a ride.
  • Any student who turns 18 in a year needs to purchase a new card to ensure that the 60 cent per ride continues until March the following year.
  • Any student who turns 19 or over needs to purchase a new card to ensure that they are charged a concession for their travel.  These students are not entitled to 60 cent rides.


How many items am I allowed to borrow?
  • Staff are able to borrow up to 25 items for a semester
  • JTC and South Metropolitan TAFE students are able to borrow up to 5 items for 4 weeks with 2 renewals allowed

Library PIN

How do you create a Library PIN?
  1. Choose My Library
  2. enter your User ID (student/staff number) and click on SUBMIT
  3. enter a PIN of your choice, between 4 and 6 digits long.
  4. re-enter your PIN to confirm it and click on SUBMIT.


What happens if I have an item overdue?
  • Patrons will be unable to borrow items until the overdue item/s are returned or paid for
  • Penalty points for staff and students accumulate at the following rates:
  • Reserve loans (items in high demand) - 10 points per hour overdue
  • Recalled loans - 10 points per day overdue
  • 3 day or 7 day loans - 10 points per day overdue
  • 4 week or semester loans - 1 point per day overdue
  • If a staff or student accumulates 200 or more points in one year, their borrowing privileges are suspended until the start of the new year. (Reinstatement of privileges may cost up to $20 for some patrons)

My Library

What is this and how is it used?

My Library is used to search the catalogue, renew your loans, check what you have on hold, setup or modify your Library PIN and save your searches and set up email alerts


I've forgotten my password, what do I do?

If you have forgotten your computer password, you will need to take your ID card to the Library and ask at the Loans Desk for it to be reset. If you have forgotten your Library PIN, you will need to take your ID card to the Library Loans Desk for it to be deleted, so you can start again. All teachers with access to a computer can reset computer passwords.

Requesting Items

How can I get an item that is checked out?

Staff and students may request an item either a) from another library which will result in that item being delivered to the chosen library; or b) that another patron has on loan. This will result in the item being recalled for use.

The process is as follows via the OPAC / Search Catalogues:

  • Find the resource in the catalogue
  • Click on 'Request'
  • Fill in User Name and pin
  • Choose a pick up location - JTC/South Metropolitan TAFE
  • Click on 'Submit'
  • Choose specific copy (if multiple copies are available)
  • Click on 'Submit'