Computers & Photocopying

Digital Photocopiers

Digital Photocopiers There are 2 digital photocopiers for use by all students.

  • Staff and students are able to photocopy using the smart ID cards (cards with either a smart chip or a magnetic strip on the back).
  • An A4 photocopy will cost 10c, an A3 will cost 20c whilst colour will cost 50c and $1 respectively

Adding Credit

  • Insert coins or notes into the machine after first placing your ID card against the reader under the screen
  • Press 'Finish' and choose whether you want a receipt
  • Once you have credit on your card, the charged card can be used with swipe facilities at the photocopier

Computer Login

  • Hold down Ctrl, Alt and Del keys
  • Type unique login in the user field (this usually consists of first.surname eg John.Tonkin)
  • Type in your password


  • Access progam/s needed via Start and Programs
  • To access the internet go to Internet Explorer

Saving your work

  • Save your work to your Home drive, via "My documents".
  • Organize folders for each subject as a digital filing cabinet.
  • Use USB (thumb drives) only as a transfer device.
Adding Credit