ClickView at John Tonkin College

ClickView is designed to assist learning in the classroom by providing a simple and complete solution for watching digital video and other digital media within JTC. By using ClickView, teachers and students are no longer restricted by the availability of AV equipment and are free to access all of the school's digital video resources from any computer in the College.

ClickView ClickView Player

ClickView Player allows teachers and students to watch videos in the classroom without the need of AV equipment, DVDs or tapes. They can easily control the video playback and learn at a pace that suits them best.

ClickView Player can also access images, podcasts, audio files, learning objects, PowerPoint presentations and resources such as work sheets and teacher guides.

ClickView Features

School Bag
Any video or resource in your ClickView library can be saved onto a USB drive and taken home to view. Teachers can assign homework or missed work and students then save the lesson and take it home to complete. Watch the tutorials Schoolbag a Video and Opening Schoolbag at home

Students access the lesson using ClickView Player which you can download for free. Watch the tutorial Download ClickView Player.

Export to PP
Students and staff can demonstrate points visually by adding video snippets to PowerPoint presentations and Word docs. These snippets may only be a few seconds of the original video. Simply right click on the chapter title of the video you want to use, select the 'Export to PowerPoint' option and select your start and end points - it's easy. Watch the tutorials How to export video snippet and How to import snippet into Powerpoint