Where to get Help

Help is always available; you just have to ask for it!

The student support services offered by the college are able to assist with most of the problems students may encounter. Below is a guide to where you can get help from within and outside of the college.

Advocates: Assistance with all college issues

Student Development & Support Services: Assistance with any serious and/or complicated issue, Westrail cards, medical assistance, psychological support, Aboriginal & Islander Education Officer support, careers advice.

Managers and Teachers: Curriculum issues, subject and course changes and other general support.

Other Agencies

Emergency Accommodation Calvary Youth Services
Chesterfield House
Passages Resource Centre

9581 1741
9524 1832
0408 466055

Crisis support (24 hours) Lifeline
Crisis Care

1800 199008

Employment assistance Community Solutions Inc
(Career advice)
Community First Inc
Employment Services
Apprentice &Traineeship Co

9581 4606

9550 4555

9586 9000

Youth support Peel Youth Services
Kids Helpline

9581 3365
1800 551800

Alcohol & Drug Ala-teen
Parent Drug Information
Support Services

9325 7528
9442 5050

Sexual assault or
Domestic Violence

9535 8263

Mental Health Peel Child and Adolescent
Mental Heath Services
Mental Health Emergency
Response Line(24 hours)

9531 8080

1800 676 822

Medical Peel Youth Medical Services
(Free doctor and
Case Management)

9583 5435

General Billy Dower Youth Centre

9550 3670