For Parents

Parents and community members are encouraged to play an active role in the education of their children. John Tonkin College values the partnership of parents in helping to enrich learning opportunities for students.

John Tonkin College One of the best things you can do for your children is to take an active interest in their education. Keep up-to-date with what is happening at school by reading the JTC Newsletter regularly, asking your children about events at school and what they are doing in class and encouraging them to do as well as they can.

John Tonkin College aims to provide parents with enough detailed information to answer any concerns, and we encourage parents to contact the College in order to discuss any doubts or queries they may have.

•  Instructions for Downloading the School Star App
•  School Health, Wellbeing and Drug Education Guidelines
•  Important Letter Regarding Cyberbullying

•  Mumps: Information for Parents
•  What is Mumps?
•  Meningococcal ACWY Vaccination Program

•  AVP Youth workshop PYS

•  Peaceful Pathways to Conflict Resolution
•  2017 BYOD (Letter from Principal)
•  2017 BYOD Information and Computer Usage Agreement
•  2017 BYOD Device Guidelines

•  Relationships Australia: Parenting Teens

•  Relationships Australia Term 2 2017 Brochure
•  Relationships Australia Mandurah Term 2 2017 Outline

Reporting Suspicious Behaviour at JTC Campuses
John Tonkin College has experienced vandalism at each of its 3 campuses over the past 3 months that is unnecessarily wasting school funds and resources that could be spent more urgently on our students and programs. Therefore we would like to make this request to parents, students, and their family and friends to help us eliminate these wasteful activities.

If you or anyone you know witnesses any suspicious behaviour at night or during weekends at our Tindale Campus (35 Gibla Street), MET Campus (Education Drive), Maritime Centre (Estuary Rd, Port Bouvard) then please call the free call School Watch phone number on 1800 177 77 to report this behaviour. A phone call to this number will initiate a response from a Security Guard or the police to investigate. Please note that there are a number of community groups and contractors that operate from all 3 campuses at nights and weekends who have lawful reasons to be on the campuses going about their business. Therefore please note that suspicious behaviours are best described as climbing over gates & fences, observed on a building roof, cutting holes in fences, and spraying graffiti.

Thank you for your assistance in keeping our campuses protected and vandal proof.

Uniform Concerns for 2017
All parents and students please be reminded that John Tonkin College has a dress code policy. Students are expected to wear college approved clothing to school each day. Students are required to change for sport or dance activities and PPE is compulsory for all classes in the work shops.

Covered attached footwear is expected and must be worn in all areas of the college and practical areas. Please refer to the photos accompanying the information for clarification of dress code.

The skort is NOT an approved piece of college clothing for JTC. (see picture)
Appropriate clothing for JTC. (see picture)

Our Canteen is now Online!
An exciting change is happening in our canteen. We are now online. Through 'Our Online Canteen' you can now order and pay for yours or your child's lunch online via your PC or the free app for your smartphones. Simply go to
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Please try to check it out soon.

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