Follow the Dream / Partnerships for Success

Follow the Dream / Partnerships for Success is a state-wide program that aims to assist Aboriginal students.

Follow the Dream / Partnerships for Success Students identified by the program are already showing signs of success within their schooling. Upon enrolment students must have the following -

  • Attendance of 90%
  • A desire to achieve a good school report
  • Support from home to be in the Program but also to integrate successfully within the whole school environment.

Support for students include:

  • Students have a full time Program Coordinator to work with them to ensure their success
  • Students have access to a demountable (T01) to utilise during the school day and for 2 hours after school, Monday to Thursday, to complete school work
  • Tutors are employed to work with the students either individually or in small groups
  • An Individual Education Plan (called a Documented Plan) that addresses career and academic goals
  • Excursions to universities and other cultural activities like theatre plays

A local goal of Follow the Dream / Partnerships for Success is 'Leadership'. Students are encouraged to foster the mentality that they are tomorrow's leaders and they should always conduct themselves in a way that conveys this to the school and broader community.

Indigenous Education

The Aboriginal people in this area are NOONGAR, but more locally to Mandurah and Pinjarra are the BINDJAREB people.

Since its inception in 2001, the Noongar students at John Tonkin College have set a very high standard. The Noongar students in previous years have gone on to achieve direct entry into university, have achieved apprenticeships in their chosen fields, entered into the Australian Institute of Sport for Football or continued their education through TAFE or employment.

The Indigenous Education Office is located in the Administration section of the school.

Isobel Bevis (Winmar) is the College Aboriginal & Islander Education Officer (AIEO) and Andrea Tacko is the Follow the Dream / Partnerships for Success Coordinator. Their phone numbers are (08)9583 7368 and (08)9583 7367 respectively.

When teachers will contact us -

  • They are teaching curriculum that covers Aboriginal history and/or culture
  • They need teaching strategies for the teaching of Indigenous students
  • They would like to contact home but would like background information first
  • They have a concern regarding an Indigenous students education
  • They have a concern regarding an Indigenous students well being.

As with all students, the Indigenous students are expected to conform to all school policies. Where a student needs to be seen in the Indigenous Education Office, the student should always return to class with a note from Andrea or Isobel. Disruption to student's class time will be kept to a minimum.

Here at John Tonkin College, Indigenous Education will continue to set high standards for our Noongar students and we look forward to developing and continuing a strong partnership with all members of the College community.