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Q: What is an ATAR?

An ATAR ranges between 99.95 and zero, and reports your rank position relative to all other students. It takes into account the number of students who sit the WACE examinations in any year and also the number of people of Year 12 school leaving age in the total population. In 2008 the TEA (Tertiary Entrance Aggregate) replaced the TES (Tertiary Entrance Score).

Your TEA will be calculated and then converted to an ATAR, which tells you where you are ranked relative to other students. This will be the same position as a ranking based on your TEA, but the TEA is not able to convey this information directly to you. If you have an ATAR of 70.00, for example, it indicates that you have achieved as well as or better than 70% of the Year 12 school leaver age population.

For more on how the ATAR is calculated, visit the Tertiary Institutions Service Centre (TISC)