Enrolment & Course Selection

The best course for a student is one that meets a combination of the needs, interests and abilities of the student. Students will have the strongest opportunity to achieve Secondary Graduation if their course selection is based on realistic goals.

Enrolment Process Minimum Entrance Requirements (MER's)
MER's are necessary in order to realistically determine a student's ability to cope with a particular course. For example, a student who has not achieved at least a B grade in most Learning Areas is likely to find ATAR courses too rigorous.

MER's are not the only consideration when selecting a course. Assignment loads, commitment to home study and an individual's learning style are also important considerations.

Read our Handbook
The John Tonkin College Handbook is available for all current and potential enrolments. The handbook provides an outline of courses available for years 7-12.

Course costs are also included in this document.

While an electronic version of the handbook is available on this website, if you require a complete hard copy of the enrolment pack please contact us on the Request Form or calling (08) 9583 7373.