Community Access to College Facilities

It is State Government policy to encourage and support the use of school resources by the wider community. Ideally, community use of schools should occur as widely as is consistent with the educational objectives of the school and should take account of the needs of our local community.

Community Access to JTC All community use of school facilities will be formalised through a written agreement signed by the Principal and a representative of the user group (incorporated body or other legal entity).

John Tonkin College invites interested groups or organisations to enquire about short or long term use of our facilities, which in most cases would be after hours and could include equipment, buildings, grounds, sporting & recreational facilities that keep with the ethos of the College.

The College sees positive outcomes with community use of facilities which include, but are not limited to:

  • Development of positive perceptions about the College, educational institutions, and learning
  • Development of cooperation and goodwill between the College and our local community
  • Increased community awareness of our College activities
  • Opportunity for our College to improve our curriculum and learning programs through access to a wider range of resources and talents in our community
  • Improved levels of security for the College through after hours use
  • Potential for increased financial returns to the College
  • Access for our community to a wider range of facilities
  • A more efficient utilisation of the community's large investment in school facilities.

Facilities available for Hire / Lease at John Tonkin College.

  • Maritime Training Centre at Port Bouvard
  • Performing Arts Centre
  • Staff Room
  • Soccer Oval
  • Computer Training rooms
  • Large Undercover areas
  • Fitness Centre
  • Gymnasium
  • Woodwork, automotive and metal rooms
  • Computer training facilities
  • Other facilities that might also suit your requirements

Contact the College Manager Corporate Services in the first instance to discuss on 9583 7304 or