Code of Conduct

The staff of John Tonkin College takes pride in high standards of learning and they invite you to work in partnership with them to share responsibility for:

Developing an Effective Learning Environment by;

  • Attending and participating in all classes, lectures, workshops and laboratory sessions.
  • Arriving on time for all appointments and classes, and remaining in the class for the duration of the session.
  • Using only equipment supplied or approved by the College / lecturer.
  • Ensuring mobile phones are turned off, and placed in student's bag upon entering every class.
  • Completing and presenting as required all assessment tasks.(In relation to the assessment policy)
  • Avoiding plagiarism (making reference to an author's work without acknowledging the author, including scanned and electronically copied material. Your lecturer can advise how to correctly reference work) and cheating so that no unapproved assistance in the preparation of any work including assignments, tests, reports and examinations for which you are to be assessed is given or received.
  • In group work, contributing equally in preparation of work for assessment.
  • John Tonkin College students should not invite onto campus any person without the permission of the administration.
  • The use of I pods, MP3 players, earphones and other personal music devices are not to be used in any classes. Equipment must be stored in student bags out of sight and should be accessed ONLY outside the classroom. Having earphones around the neck or in pockets but not in use is not sufficient to comply with this policy.

These points apply unless otherwise stipulated by your teachers or lecturers who are responsible for establishing appropriate learning behaviour in their classes.

Achieving a Healthy and Safe Learning Environment that maximizes the learning opportunities for all students by;

  • Adhering to students dress code
  • Engaging in safe and cooperative behavior in classrooms, laboratories, workshops and while on excursions
  • Adhering to no consumption of food and drink within classrooms, laboratories and workshops
  • Abstaining from drugs, alcohol and other substances (this includes some prescription medications)

Maintaining Serviceable facilities and equipment by;

  • Reporting breakage and/or faults with equipment to teachers or the school administration
  • Leaving classrooms, workshops, laboratories neat and tidy after classes, and ensuring all equipment and tools are cleaned and appropriately stored
  • Accessing the computer network and equipment only for approved purposes, not allowing others to access your passwords, not using or installing unlicensed software on computers
  • No smoking within the grounds
  • Using sporting equipment only within the areas that have been designated for use
  • Travelling on road safe vehicles, (not skateboards to and from the college or in college grounds.)