College Board

John Tonkin College is an Independent Public School. This status entitles the College to establish a Board that assists in the governance of John Tonkin College. The College Board consists of business, industry and community representatives as well as parent and staff representatives.

John Tonkin College Role of the Board

The Board's major objective is to ensure that the John Tonkin College is regarded as a College of excellence and that the college's mission, vision and values are upheld.

The Board meets monthly and is responsible for the strategic planning and implementation of College policy. The Board works within the Department of Education relevant legislation and regulation but does not have responsibility for the day to day running of the College. This is under the direction of the Principal.

The Board has a major role in creating interest in the college across the community; in forming strategic partnership; gaining sponsorship and in ensuring that the performance of the school in all areas is at the highest level. The Board contributes to the College's Business Plan and to the School Delivery and Performance agreement

Board Representation is made on the Finance committee of the College and on the P&C committee.
Membership to the Board is for a two year initial term.

2019 John Tonkin College Board members:

Liz Prescott – Chair
Kim Savins – Principal John Tonkin College
Kim Davies – Teacher John Tonkin College
Conor Gregory – Teacher John Tonkin College
Melinda Blagaich– Industry / business representative
Natasha Thornton – Parent
Alicia Hart – Parent
Greg Williams (JTC Mgr Corporate Serv) – Admin Officer to the Board