Attendance Management Process

It is a legal requirement that any absence must be covered by a phone call or written explanation from the student's parent or legal guardian. Students are required to provide a medical certificate for any absence of more than 3 days.

Parents are requested to contact

     The MET site on 9583 7327 or 9583 7326 before 3:00 pm on the day of absence or
     The Tindale St site on 9535 3800 before 10:00 am on the day of the absence.

Parents will be notified via an SMS message if a student has been marked absent at any time during the day.

These messages are sent from

     The MET site after 5:00 pm, as some classes do not finish until this time.
     The Tindale Street site after 10:30 am

  • Parents are also requested to provide written explanation of each absence in their son / daughter's college diary.
  • Any unexplained or illegitimate absences are a concern for students, teachers and the college, valuable classroom interaction cannot be enacted.

Where satisfactory attendance/conduct is not being met the following actions may take place:

Step 1

The teacher will discuss concerns with the student. The student needs to address the situation as soon as possible.

Step 2

Where the teacher is not satisfied with a student's level of attendance parent/guardian contact is made by phone if possible.

Step 3

An Attendance Letter of concern is sent to parents/guardians, Advocates and Student Development and Support Services are notified.

Step 4

A second Attendance Letter requiring Urgent Action is sent to the parents/guardians by the subject teacher as the situation becomes more critical and the teacher refers the student to the Advocate and/or the Manager and Student Development and Support Services is notified.

Step 5

The Attendance Officer will be alerted when the Advocate refers the student to the Student Development and Support Services Office. The student's Good Standing status is lost and an action plan negotiated and put in place, parents are notified. Student is required to enact the plan to resolve the situation before Good Standing can be reinstated.

Step 6

The Student is considered to be At Risk and a Parent meeting is organized. The aim of the meeting is to bring together the parents, the student and relevant staff with Student Development and Support Services to find a solution to the situation.

Step 7

If the student is not compliant parents are notified by phone, a Case Conference will be arranged or a referral to the Participation Coordinator will follow; Parents are sent the appropriate form to be completed to authenticate the process. Student timetable will be suspended until further notice. The Participation Team will contact the family and implement strategies for alternate education or training.